How do we cope with our growing digital lives?  How do we manage the ever increasing amounts of digital stuff we create and use?  This is the challenge of Personal Information Management.   



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Dipping my sneakoscope into the tweet stream

As a curmudgeonly and reluctant Twitter user (bah humbug!) I have been pleasantly surprised by the sorts of discovery that Twitter can enable.  Until recently, I dismissed Twitter as the latest shiny thing that the cool kids had to have; you know the kind. But no more. I find the ability to search twitter interesting, and even more the ability to save a Twitter search and track it in my RSS feed reader.

I am currently a partner in a startup that provides tools to help academic libraries weed their book collections. Accordingly, we have all developed an "unhealthy" interest in weeding or "deselection" as it is sometimes called.  So it is with some interest that I can see what people who are actually doing this have to say about it.   A search today reveals the following tweets that contain the words "books" and "weeding":

Love weeding books. Hate weeding books. Love/hate relationship.

Weeding the food pyramid books #nightlibrarian

How do librarians have fun? Ruthless weeding of old, crappy books.

Weeding through the closed stacks' oversized reference TT books; there's years of Pittsburgh coal dust along the tops of them! #fb

Still, on the plus side, I've a been weeding again today :-) Bye bye grotty books.

Shifting AND weeding. Have moved 800 books so far. Catalog still won't delete records, tho, so piles threatening to take over.

I think stock weeding is my favourite job of all. I've always enjoyed throwing books away. #badlibrarian

Spent most of the day weeding books. #notenoughshelves

Weeding is kinda fun once you overcome the natural compulsion to horde books.

I find reading these interesting and informative. Interesting, because they connect me with the humanity of our potential customers; informative, because they tell me about issues with weeding.  Who knew that some librarians *like* to weed?  The reference librarian in me is happy that I have a shiny new hammer to use.   I'm sure I'll graduate to other, productive uses of Twitter, but for the time being, this makes me happy.



A personal knowledge management system?

I'm always interested to see how people cobble together solutions for doing research and writing using the tools and services available.  The screencast below shows what online community pioneer Howard Rheingold is currently using: