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Textgrabber as a light-weight step towards getting OCR capabilities

Today I made an impulse purchase ($4.99) at the iTunes app store for a product called "TextGrabber" which extracts text from photos taken with my iPhone camera. I tested it on a snippet of text from a book I am reading: Charles Burchfield's Journals.  One or two letters didn't come out right but it was pretty good.  Once copied I can e-mail it to myself or cut and paste it to another iPhone application.  It should be quite handy for grabbing useful snippets to add to my online files.   Here is the passage I captured:

Salem August 13, 1914 I can imagine no more miserable person than he who has attained his ideal. Observe the vines. We have in our yard a hopvine which climbs a pole before it attains the top; it is fresh big & strong. Having come to the top the "shoots" wander aimlessly about & finally fall down, climb the pole again & so continue until nipped by the frost. The top is stunted and I imagine the fruit is smaller than if the vine had been able to go on up. So it is with the morning-glories. We should then climb a pole whose top, if it has any, is so high in the blue that we will never reach it, lest we like the vine become stunted at last.

Grabbed with TextGrabber

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